Planning & Community Development

The Planning Department provides long range planning, day to day coordination, and design management of programs and plans affecting residential, commercial, and industrial development. The activities include, but are not limited to, comprehensive planning, zoning administration, design of trails and bike-ways, and code compliance. The Planning Department works with the Planning Commission in reviewing and recommending new development, variances, lot splits, subdivisions, and conditional use permits to the Town Board.

Comprehensive Plan

The Township has a proud tradition of long range planning.  The 2030 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)represents the fourth major comprehensive plan effort. Previous comprehensive plans were adopted in 1975, 1985, and 1999. As Planning Commissioners noted at the first meeting of this
update process, the community set out a vision for the Township’s future when it created
the first comprehensive plan in the 1970s. The Township was successful in implementing
this vision; it is what the Township became. Subsequent planning efforts were built upon
this original vision and Comprehensive Plan. The planning process for the 2030
Comprehensive Plan largely resulted in an affirmation of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.
Newly updated information and policy changes are generally incremental adjustments.
The Township’s Planning Commission worked with Township staff and TKDA as a
consultant, to update the Plan. The parks and trails component of the Plan were updated
through the efforts of the Park Commission and Township staff. The Town Board reviewed
the draft Plan and was involved in the Planning Commission’s work through the Town
Board liaison.  


You may view the current Township Zoning Map (PDF) online. For online mapping and property information, visit the Ramsey County User Group Map Service.