Planning & Community Development

The Planning Department provides long range planning, day to day coordination, and design management of programs and plans affecting residential, commercial, and industrial development. The activities include, but are not limited to, comprehensive planning, zoning administration, design of trails and bike-ways, and code compliance. The Planning Department works with the Planning Commission in reviewing and recommending new development, variances, lot splits, subdivisions, and conditional use permits to the Town Board.

Comprehensive Plan

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A Comprehensive Plan is a tool used to guide physical and socioeconomic change within a community. It is intended to be broad in scope while establishing general goals policies for such elements as land use, surface water management, public infrastructure (sewer and water supply systems), transportation, housing, park and open space trails. A comprehensive plan is visionary and general, and is to be used to guide future action by the Township. Township actions, such as the Zoning Ordinance and Capital Improvement Plans implement the goals and vision of the comprehensive plan.


You may view the current Township Zoning Map (PDF) online. For online mapping and property information, visit Ramsey County.