Dog Licenses

All dogs must be licensed by the Township. Licenses are good for 2 years renewed in even years. Current licenses expire March 31, 2024. If you currently have a dog(s), please complete a Dog License Application, and return it with a copy of the dog(s) current rabies certificate(s) along with the appropriate license fee(s). You can apply for the Dog License either in person at the Township's Administrative Office, 1281 Hammond Road, or by mail. The fee for new dogs and renewals before April 30 of even years is $30. License renewals if purchased after April 30 is $45.

If you have more than two (2) dogs you must also apply for a Special Three Dog License in addition to the Dog Licenses. The Special Three Dog License Application and $200 license fee is required. Initial application for a Special Three Dog License requires a public hearing, in most cases renewals do not.

For more information or if you have questions regarding dog licenses please call the Township at 651-747-2750.