Organic Recycling

What is Organic Recycling?

Organic recycling is any waste that comes from a plant or animal and is compostable (or biodegradable) such as food scraps, non-recyclable paper, coffee grounds, etc.

How Can I Recycle This Waste?

Ramsey County residents can recycle their organic waste for free at a Ramsey County Yard Waste site. This includes food scraps, non-recyclable paper products, coffee grounds, and more. Stop at the yard waste site or the Township's Administrative Offices for a brochure and free compostable bags to get started. For more information, visit the Ramsey County Organic Recycling Web Page.

You can also recycle your organics in your own backyard. Learn more about how to compost your organic waste at home on Ramsey County's Backyard Composting Web Page.
Organic Waste Recycling